Taboo is a big bodied Holsteiner mare by Amour. She takes after her sire and his reputation for amateur-friendliness – Taboo herself was successful to the 1.25 m Junior jumpers, being brought along her entire career by her equally green junior owner.

For a 2018 foal, Taboo has been confirmed in foal to Toronto (Now or Never M/Belisar/Solaris). This Now or Never M/Belisar/Saros niche has been well established with sires such as Valentino and Vallado (aka Praise) in both the hunters and jumpers. Valentino competed successfully up to advanced “S” level in show jumping, while Vallado was a hunter derby champion extraordinaire and also competed up to 1.40 m in the jumpers prior to his hunter career. Now or Never M himself is Voltaire/Nimmerdor, another well established niche! Voltaire and Nimmerdor combine the careful and the bold in two powerhouse jumper stallions. We look forward to seeing what this combination produces!