IMG_5109Rha’ella is a 2017 filly by Balt’Amour (Balta’Czar x Ariadus) out of Chimera. She was bred to be a hunter extraordinare – and is every bit the gorgeous young filly we were hoping for!  She will be presented to RPSI in the fall, for branding as a Westfalen. (At left, Rha’ella at one day old)

Balt’Amour is a gorgeous, classic type hunter – round and rhythmic on a soft rein. His sire, Balta’Czar, was in his own right an excellent hunter sire – Balta’Czar was known as an improvement sire, and Balt’Amour seems to have followed in his footsteps. Balta’Czar, in turn, was sired by the legendary Alla’Czar – hunter sire king! On the bottom, Balt’Amour has Ariadus – a hunter sire of a different sort. Ariadus brings elastic, gorgeous movement into the equation as well as athleticism and scope. This cross has a subtle 0.47 linebreeding to Legaat, a 1970 Dutch Warmblood that sired a number of successful jumpers, and indeed appears in the pedigrees of many a jumper today. Rha’ella shows the same uphill balance and powerful shoulder that were displayed so prominently by Legaat, combined with Chimera’s boldness and a fair amount of athleticism.

Rha’ella will be retained as a young horse by Mane on Fire Farm, and will not be offered for sale until she is undersaddle and showing.