unnamedCamelita is an 18hh Holsteiner mare by Cambridge out of Fanny IV (Lacapo/Calypso II). Camelita herself is confirmed to have won up to 1.50 m, though there are indications she competed up to 1.60 m. She is very modern in type, with the length of leg to back it up.

Cambridge himself sired the ever popular Catoki, a stallion that has become somewhat known for his hunter progeny and remarkable ability to transmit hunter style and wonderful front ends to his progeny. Fanny IV brings a combination of Landgraf I and Calypso II, two more Holsteiner stallions for the record books as Landgraf I can be found in the majority of Holsteiners today, and Calypso II sired Contender, who has so firmly cemented himself as the Stallion of the 20th Century. Camelita is of Holsteiner stamm 2446.

For a 2018 foal, Camelita has been bred to Toronto (Now or Never M/Belisar/Solaris). This Now or Never M/Belisar/Saros niche has been well established with sires such as Valentino and Vallado (aka Praise) in both the hunters and jumpers. Valentino competed successfully up to advanced “S” level in show jumping, while Vallado was a hunter derby champion extraordinaire and also competed up to 1.40 m in the jumpers prior to his hunter career. Now or Never M himself is Voltaire/Nimmerdor, another well established niche! Voltaire and Nimmerdor combine the careful and the bold in two powerhouse jumper stallions. We look forward to seeing what this combination produces!